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This 2-day hands-on course will provide a comprehensive practical guide to the equipment, materials and clinical techniques for optimizing direct composite restorations. Delegates will complete a series of step-by-step practical exercises designed to enable mastery of the functional and aesthetic restoration of posterior and anterior teeth.


Master the art and science of direct composite bonding using the latest techniques and modern evidence with Dr Ahmed Hussain.

After years of practice, he will share a culmination of tips and tricks to achieve beautiful natural-looking composite work. By following a sequence of steps and protocols, you can simplify the process and achieve predictable results.


Aims and Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will have the knowledge and understanding of tooth morphology, successful bonding techniques and predictable anterior restorations in general dental practice

Topics covered

  1. Nature and morphology

  2. Smile design

  3. Resin materials

  4. Step-by-step guide to class IV and peg shape lateral

  5. Treating tooth wear using directs

  6. Understanding how to layer composite 

  7. Diastema closure and composite veneers

  8. Implement a protocol for maintaining good anterior tooth form

  9. Predictable finishing and polishing protocol

  10. Photography

All delegates with be given a 165-page book  “A Guide to composite veneers” by Ahmed Hussain.


By the end of this day, course delegates will be able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and practical skill in the direct restoration of posterior teeth with Dr Ahmed Tadfi in the following areas:

  1. Hands on: Fast Modelling Technique using a simplified anatomy approach

  2. Hands on: Rubber dam Quadrant isolation

  3. Hands on: Class I restoration on upper premolar and molar

  4. Hands on: Class I MOD restoration on upper molar

  5. Hands on: Class I MOB (cusp fracture) on upper molar using silicone index

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