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"Honestly was such a great day and learnt so much. I think the best thing is the fact because you're literally chair-side you can much more easily visualise the process as if I were carrying out the procedure myself, which resonates and sticks in my mind far better than practice on a model ever does… just subtle things like where your positioning your chair for a photo or even just how you hold and angle the instrument when using it

I also really appreciated the talks given before the cases to give background, being able to understand the planning and stages of the case and of course, the hands on practical for the posteriors was a nice surprise! My posterior composites the next day were already better!"

- Dr Raffaele Cedrola -

"I did the composite artistry course and if I could give 10 stars I would. Ahmed Hussain, Ahmed Tadfi and Anca were incredibly welcoming and friendly. They were approachable at all times and treat you like family throughout the day. The content of the course was straight to the point and very educational with real valuable nuggets of information that you can implement into your daily practice immediately the achieve some of the beautiful results that they achieve. Although there are many fantastic courses out there which demonstrate their techniques on plastic teeth, being able to watch these demos being carried out on live patients is unparalleled. Watching the guys deal with problems mid-treatment whilst simultaneously teaching you just shows that these guys are genuinely excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend any dentist at any level to spend a day watching Ahmed & Ahmed do what they do best. Very thankful to the guys for the experience and hope to come again soon."

- Dr Amar Jasim -

"The small group size was one of the best aspects, it made the whole experience feel more tailored, personal and almost a 1-2-1 experience. It also helped us to learn better as we fed off each others questions and never felt too crowded

My favourite part was seeing the live patient cases from start to finish. This was very unique for a course and was my first experience of it, and honestly I felt I learnt a thousand times more through that than just a lecture. It gave a very good appreciation of timings in real life, the practical aspects of such treatments and patient/anatomy handling


Dr Hussain and Dr Tadfi were exceptional in teaching, very easy going and easy to follow and we felt we could easily ask questions when we wanted to, all the way to 8pm which was very kind of them both to allow haha, so thank you!"

- Dr Mohammed Moin -

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